Epson L3110 Review and Buying Guide

To know a printer from the inside you need to know the details of that printer or you have the option to read the reviews of the customers but when we talk about reviews then we don’t get a proper review from the customers as most of the good reviews are given by the staff of the particular company or they are fake.

But don’t worry we have brought you a great option the only Epson L3110 Review! We have decided to provide you with a full printer review of the Epson Ecotank L3110 printer. We have selected this product as it is nowadays is one of the most buying printers in India and people often get confused in the features part and are not able to get the best part of the printer..

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Introduction of Epson L3110 Review:

To get a proper inside of the Epson Ecotank L3110 printer we are going to discuss about the printer’s design, printing speed, ink characteristics, connectivity, and features of the printers so that you will get an overall review of the product.


The Epson L3110 does not look different from the other Epson printers. The Epson L3110 comes in a compact or small size which makes it easy for you to place it anywhere at your home or if you have an office or a small office then also you can easily place the Epson L3110 at a small place.

The body color of the printer is a whole black printer that has a transparent integrated ink tank system which makes your work easy as it avoids spillage of ink as well as it makes it easy to check the level of the ink consumed so that a refill can happen when necessary.

Epson L3110 has manual buttons that you can easily understand and function automatically. the printer has a lightweight of 4 kg 500 g which can be moveable from anyone without any problem.

Epson L3110 Design-

Features of Epson L3110 Review:

When it comes to the features of Epson Ecotank L3110 then we can say that it comes with many features that are offered to us in such a less range. First of all, the Ecotank printer means that this printer is environment-friendly as it saves your power consumption, it only consumes 12 watts of energy. This feature helps you to get high-quality prints at a low price.

The printer is an all-in-one printer that can perform printing, scanning, and copying. The printer can also do a color scans, print, and copy all at one time.

The printer comes with the feature of borderless printing up to 4R.

Automatic Duplex printing is not available but you can manually do the two-side printing if you require.

The printer has a standard quality print and low-cost printing. In the box of Epson L3110, you will get the printer, CD/DVD Tray, Power cable. USB cable and you will get all the 4 original bottle of Epson inks that is Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow.

Epson L3110 Features

Ink Characteristic of Epson L3110 Review:

As we all know Epson L3110 comes with an integrated ink tank that is easy to fill and avoid spillage, the ink that this printer consumes is the T003 bottles of Black color, Cyan color, Magenta, and Yellow color.

The printer is designed to consume less amount of ink so that one bottle of ink can give you a longer result.

The Page Yield of a printer gives us an idea of how the printer can function or how much ink consumption is happing in the printer around a month. The Page Yield of Epson Ecotank L3110 is 4,500 pages for black and white prints and about 7,500 pages for color printing.

Epson L3110 ink characteristic

Printing Speed, scanner, and copy feature:

For a better idea of how fast your printer can function you need to know the printing speed of a printer and also the other necessary details of a printer.

  • The Printing speed of Epson Ecotank L3110 is 10 images per min for black and white printing and 5 images per min for color printing.
  • The Cost per page of the printer is 7 paise for black and white prints and 18 paise for color prints.
  • The Print Resolution of the Epson Ecotank L3110 is 5760 dpi.
  • The Scanner type of the printer is Flatbed.
  • The Scanning Resolution of Epson Ecotank L3110 is 600 dpi x 1200 dpi.
  • The Copy feature of Epson Ecotank L3110 gives you a maximum number of copies of 20 pages.
  • The Copy size support of the printer is A4 and Letter.
  • The quality of copying is a standard one and color copy is also available.
  • The copying speed of the printer is 7.0 images per min.
  • The Page Support of the printer is Legal, Indian-Legal, Letter, A4, 16K, B5, A5, B6, A6, Hagaki, Envelopes, DL, and C6.

Printing Speed, scanner, and copy feature

Connectivity of Epson L3110 Review:

People should take a look at the connectivity features of a printer as if the printer has Wi-Fi, then the people have the liberty to print, copy and scan from anywhere while sitting comfortably or if the printer has USB or Bluetooth then you have to be around the printer to print, copy and scan.    

  • The connectivity option of the Epson Ecotank L3110 is High-speed USB.

You don’t have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity you will only get USB connectivity which is a drawback for this well-designed printer. But as it only consumes 12 watts to save power that’s why the printer might not have included Wi-Fi connectivity.

Epson L3110 Connectivity:


When we look at the Epson Ecotank L3110 printer then we can say that the printer is an environmental-friendly printer. The printer has a warranty of 1 year or 30,000 prints whichever will happen first on that basis the warranty will last for the printer.

  • 1 year or 30,00 prints Warranty.

What we like:

Epson Ecotank L3110

Epson L3110 Review

Conclusion of Epson L3110 Review:

The Epson Ecotank L3110 is absolutely a good printer as it has all the necessary features that a user will need to work with. The Epson Ecotank L3110 has a good printing volume and delivers you standard black and white and color prints. The all-in-one printer is a well-designed printer it also has a large amount of page support, good print and scan resolution, high-speed printing, and Low-cost printing.

The only drawback that we found in this printer is the connectivity is the only USB but if we rule it out, we have a great printer that also prevents power consumption and gives us goof prints at a low cost.


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